Upcycled Glass

It all started with Ekta looking into a boxful of junk Glass Bottles… and wondering what really happens when you chuck a used glass bottle, be it ketchup or olive oil or beer.

Absolutely nothing!

It will not rot, or decompose, or erode or rust… It will most probably lie there in the landfills for a really long time maybe a few million years, maybe forever.


The heat needed to melt our upcycled glass pieces is very high, between 650˚C to 800˚C but that’s still about 45% to 50% less than forming a glass bottle from scratch. Not to mention the reduction in consumption of new raw materials which can result in a reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, water usage and even greenhouse gas emissions.

Apart from this we eliminate an entire tier or 2 of the recycling process which includes collection, sorting, processing & break down, converting and finally manufacturing.

The best way for glass to be green is by upcycling :) And we love doing that!


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