How What Why

We love the glitchy, the skewed, the fuddled, the precarious.
In the age of factory-manufactured perfectness,
we celebrate the odd fish;
the curious and funny, the peculiar and queer.
Our war against the mundane and routine has led us to form
created to fight organised sameness.

We Upcycle! Glassware . Jewellery . Art Glass . Furniture . Installations . Objets d’art . Found Objects . Vintage Collectibles

We Curate Speciality Tutoring, Workshops, Events, Activities, Architectural Elements and Spaces promoting Upcycling and Sustainability.

WonkyWorks - Awesomely Upcycled

Made by Women. Made for the Environment

We strictly follow the principles of sustainability, being green and ethical making. We believe that sustainable living choices can lead to long-term environmental benefits for future generations.

2 Bottle vase

Our aim is to connect the end result with the waste it started of with. Be it waste glass bottles upcycled for your home, old windows made into a memoir shelf, or cloth waste made into shopping bags. If you have the waste, we have the solution!

We believe in growing a community that is aware of the consequence of the waste they generate and knowledgeable enough to dispose the waste in a sustainable manner. We wish to provide the knowledge, resources, tutoring as well as finished products to all kinds of consumers, education institutes, commercial establishments and industries.

We have a hands-on approach while dealing with waste and believe that the best place to start is with the actual waste generated and give solutions in a non-linear format.

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