Speciality Tutoring

We conduct workshops in:

Glass Enamel Painting

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Kiln-Formed Glass

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Bottle Slumping

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fusing slumping

bottle melting

Etching and Sandblasting techniques

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Introduction to Glass Blowing

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glass blowing

Glass Art 1 Month WorkShop

1 month






25 responses to “Speciality Tutoring”

  1. Hi, my name is Gunjan Limba, I really am interested in learning glass blowing and other techniques too. Please mail me your details, in case you held any workshops.

  2. I am interested in the glass blowing workshop. Could you give me the date, time and address

    1. Hi. Unfortunetly due to some equipment faliure, we won’t be having glass blowing workshops this year.

    2. Hi. We are unable to conduct the glass blowing workshop this year due to technical difficulties. Other workshops are available.

    3. Hi,

      I am interested in learning glass blowing. Please let me know when will your next workshop be?

      1. Hi. We only conduct glass blowing workshops in winter. Do check back in October

  3. Hey, how do I sign up for the glass blowing workshop?

    1. Hi Michelle. Our glass blowing workshops are only conducted in winter. Please be in touch with us towards the end of October.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to do a workshop with u all on bottle slumping, glass blowing and sand blasting.
    Kindly advice the date when will these workshops be held.

  5. I’m interested in glass slumping workshop

    1. Hi Sarika. We have the slumping workshop and the bottle slumping. Please le us know which one you are interested in. Also you can share your mobile number and email so we can be in touch with you.

  6. I want to join the Glass Blowing workshop – followed by The Etching and Sandblasting workshops.
    Kindly revert if I could do this workshop before the March 15th.

    1. Hi Diana,

      Our Glass blowing workshop is not available this year due to technical difficulties. We can conduct all the other workshops for you before 15th March…

  7. Hi,
    Can anyone attend these workshops and learn it ?

    1. Yes. Anyone can learn. Let us know which workshops you are interested in…

  8. looking for classes in Mumbai

    1. Hi Amita. We only conduct classes at out studio in Vadodara Gujarat

  9. Hi, I am interested in the glass blowing workshop, can you reply back with details about what is covered in the workshop, number of hours and the days on which I can look at booking. What happens after the class … Do you have some option where I can come back after the workshop to work on it?


    1. Hi Vinit. Our glass blowing workshops are only conducted from Dec to Feb. Do check back in October for an updated schedule.

  10. are you conducting any workshop in Bangalore?

    1. Hi Kanika. Our workshops are conducted in our studio in Vadodara only.

  11. Jumana Electricwala

    Hi. I’m interested in 2 days glass workshop. Do uve in bombay??

  12. Would prefer in vacation in Mumbai

  13. November 20 and again in December. Please check our Facebook page for updates.

  14. R u coming to Bombay in any exhibition.Let me know

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