Be Green. Be Awesome. Be Plastic-free.

Be Green. Be Awesome. Be Plastic-free. Our #Rakhis #FriendshipBands are made from #Upcycled Glass & Brass. As a special treat, we’ll be shipping them with engraved custom names & a ‘Message in a Bottle’ #plasticfree #greengifts #handcrafted

Found object are the best objects :)

Found object are the best objects :) Our Mini Wonky Vases, made from salvaged medical waste glass bottles are installed here in a found tray from the local chor bazaar. So much work you say? We don’t call it work when we’re having fun…

Being Green! A responsibility rather than an Option.

This morning I was woken by my alarm, reminding me that I should stop being a lazy ass and write a blog post. I snoozed the persistent ringing for 4 hours, ignoring the fact that writing a weekly blog post was good for me and aligned with the to-do list I had made earlier thisContinue reading “Being Green! A responsibility rather than an Option.”