Customised Eco-Products & Green Gifting

All our Upcycled and Hand-Crafted goodness can now be customised especially for your unique requirements.

We offer tailor-made solutions for Corporates, Hospitality, Events, Universities, Small Businesses and Individuals who are specifically looking for Environmentally Sustainable Solutions.

Be it an Upcycled SuperBatli Planter in chic Upcycled Packaging with a real Money Plant for a wedding invitation or plastic-free shampoo bottles for the well travelled guest at an exclusive eco-resort, all our products are hand-crafted, and curated to meet your needs.



Even though all our products are hand-crafted, we can still customise a lot of bottles for your requirement. For bulk orders from 100 pieces to 5000, please get in touch with us. We also do customization from product design to simple logo etching.

For further queries or information please email us at
or speak to ekta on +91 942678993