Wonky Shop & Cafe

Let us introduce you to our opening-the-heart-and-soul ritual, the Wonky Shop & Cafe is attached to our Upcycling Studio and next to the Wonky Craving Kitchen. Drop by and pick up some upcycled glass pieces, enjoy a cuppa at our discreet cafe, exchange books for free, enjoy a live performance every Saturday, browse the thrift shop, attend the occasional workshop or talk, have a look at the goings-on in the studio, learn something new or just drop off some recyclables.

Wonky Shop & Cafe
Friday & Saturday4pm to 9pm
Last Sunday of the Month, 11am to 7pm
Especially open for bespoke experiences and parties on all other days.


Our version of Paradise; where everything you buy has meaning and history. Where we care about places things have been to, how they were made and how we can salvage them. Where we’d rather do without than make do. Where thrift shop meets upcyling meets meaningful living. Where you can talk about brass hooks and upcycled knobs, bent hinges and cracked mugs, old desks and older memories, upcycled products and recycling pains. A space rethinking the way we look at old objects and waste in this disposable world buried alive under the wasteful consumption of our societies.

Wonky Shop & Cafe

The Cafe

Here at Wonky Cravings we believe in taking things slow… We might only have a handful of dishes on the menu, but everything is made from scratch using local, fresh ingredients and the highest standard of hygiene.

Made by Women,
Made with Love.

Free Book Exchange

Browse through some low-impact shopping, look at some of our making processes, learn an upcycling skill or enjoy that cup of tea of coffee with handmade bites while browsing through some books, upcycled ware and salvaged objects. … Embrace a low-impact lifestyle and come explore our collection and philosophy at the Wonky Studio.

We generally collect old things and follow the principles of the 5 R’s … Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Specialty Coffee by Kokoro

House Made Cuisine

Live Performance (Sat 7-9pm)

Vintage Shop (Clothes, Objects, Furniture)

WonkyWorks Open Studio

Book Exchange

Upcycled Glass & Jewellery

Local Arts & Crafts

Waste Collection

Second Hand Shop Explore our collection of vintage odds and ends. From old glass bottles to trunks, Tins to old doors and windows, coins to telephones…

Waste Collection
– Waste glass bottles, jars (Please rinse if possible)
– Other glass shelves etc.
– Old windows and doors. (Wooden, Aluminium)
– Unmatched cutlery, crockery and glasses
– Cardboard Boxes ( Try to reuse before discarding)
– Old furniture
– Old clothes (Separate torn and reusable)
– Plastic containers – food, detergent, cosmetics (only if washed)
– Flex Banners
– Plastic Water Bottles (Avoid in first Place)
– Old books and magazines
– Compostable food scraps – uncooked vegetable scraps(weekly)
– Old stationary
– Old planters and pots (with or without soil)
– Packaging material – boxes, bubble wrap, foam and peanuts.
– Anything Else (Call Us)

Live Performance (Sat 7-9pm)

Open Studio Explore the wonky Studio and ask Questions!

Rent a Typewriter by hour Choose from 5 vintage typewriters to get in touch with this amazing machine and pen a few thoughts on paper. Convert them to Message in Bottles or other interesting things withproducts from the Discount Shelf.