Staying lost to live. That is to me the essence of life. There is no meaning in the future, if you do not appreciate the present. Learn to distinguish between the then, the now and the when. Appreciate the then. Cherish the memories, remember the lessons and the trials. But don’t let your then jade your now, at least not all your nows.
Live in the now. This moment will never come back. The exact instant that is now, the alignment of planets and things in the universe, the location of your physical self, the exact state of your mind and the enlightenment of your soul, for which every moment can be a lesson in eternity.
Maybe sitting in this delayed connecting flight, 3000 feet above the ground, eating bad food and promotional packets of preservatives, breathing stale bodily odours (some of them my own) is exactly where I’m supposed to be, to be able to put into words these random collection of thoughts and get lost in the next moment and what it brings…

Published by WonkyWorks

WonkyWorks is an independent and Green GlassArt and Design Studio, one of the first in India, creating Upcycled Glassware, Sustainable Interior Design, Vintage + Upcycled Furniture, Art, Architectural Elements, and Specialty Tutoring.

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