My two bit’s worth!

I sit here in my darkened studio watching the banned Nirbhaya BBC documentary as the International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the globe. The first reaction is shock. At the thinking and the behavior of the men in the documentary. The rapists and their lawyers. There is no shame or guilt or repentance. There is no scope for change or improvement. No logic or thought behind the thinking. No acceptance of different things to come….
What are we coming to as a species. Is it asking too much for equal rights for one and all? If we cannot accept one another, how will we ever think for the 8.7 million other species on our planet. What happens without thought for a greater good? A bigger picture for what is to come? How self-centric can the human race become before we are on a path with no return. A path that can not possibly lead anywhere good…
I pledge, as a woman, and a being of this earth, to treat every living being with respect and consideration. To live my life and travel, not on the well lit path with blinding signage dictating to me where I must go, but on the unknown path of goodwill and universal energy which I can only feel with my heart and soul.


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