Why so Wonky?

We don’t like the mundane and routine. We want things to be unique and different at the same time. And we love to explore new thing at least a couple of times every hour. According to sources on the web, wonky means askew, awry, cockeyed, lopsided, rickety, wobbly, skew-whiff, shaky, wobbly or precarious. Our works are for people who want that little bit of wonkiness in their lives ;)

How do you justify your time-lines?

All our pieces, big or small, are handmade. Once you place your order, your piece will be made specially made for you and this also allows us to customise. Yay. But this takes time. We want to give you your Wonky Product as soon as possible and the time frame is keeping into account mishaps and breakages (it’s glass after all!) Our order time is anything between 5 days to 2 weeks + shipping time.

How do you justify your cost?

As we said, we handmake everything and that takes time. We want to provide you with a product which has been made and finished perfectly. What separates us from others apart from our wonkiness ;) is our attention to detail! Also we put in a lot of time and effort and creativity to develop our products (once you experience them you’ll know why :)

Tell us what you think!

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