Blown Glass

Glassblowing involves inflating the molten glass into a bubble, with a blowpipe. As a technique created in the middle of the last century BCE, glassblowing exploited a working property of glass, inflation, which refers to the expansion of a molten blob of glass by introducing a small amount of air to it. This property is based on the liquid structure of glass where molten glass is viscous enough to be blown and hardens as it loses heat. This basically means that it takes 3 days of 24X7 heating in a furnace at 1350 degrees C to melt the studio quality glass hot enough to blow, and exactly 5 minutes of working time till it hardens (it needs to be reheated multiple times in another furnace at 1100 degrees C for a piece taking an hour to make). and if that were not the end of it (actually its just the beginning ;) after the piece is made, it needs another 24hrs in a third furnace at 550 degrees C to bring it to room temperature, so that the piece is safe and will not shatter on touch! Now why do this you might say…. its addictive say we :)

Blown Glass is one of the most difficult and expensive material to work with. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art doesn’t come cheap. Prices start INR 4000.
Odds and Ends and sale pieces available at the Gallery



9 thoughts on “Blown Glass

  1. Hello. I am interested in type of perfume bottle which will hang from the neck and stoppered with a removable cork stopper. Hence a small vessel 3cm tall with 2 arms to affix a necklace. I have a sample and can send photo, and would be interested in multiples of this item if the cost is suitable.

  2. Hii
    I wnt a bottle 1.250 ml round type short and normal neck
    Can u help me?
    This is my WhatsApp number, send me message I will give you details
    Thank you

  3. I am writing from St Aloysius College, Mangalore. We had gas lamps about 2ft 3 ins in height and about 1 ft 6 ins in diameter at the broadest point. These glass structures have unfortunately been broken and we would like to have them replaced i e remade. Please let me know whether you can make such a glass object and let me know where you are located.
    L D’Souza

    1. Hi. We are located in Vadodara Gujarat. Our glass blowing studio is only functional in the winter. Please send a photograph or reference image of the same

  4. Hi – I want to learn the glass blowing technique. Please let me know how i can contact you.

    1. Hi Neha. We normally have our glass blowing workshops in winter. Nov to Jan. Please get in touch with us in August for schedules this winter. Contact details available on Contact us page.

    1. Hi Rohit. Yes we customise and create pieces for clients. It’s part of our process of creating art to involve the client and come up with pieces which are personally inspirational and have an impact on your life. That being said, our glass blowing hotshop only works in winters from November to February when we will be actually creating the piece/s.
      Please let me know more details so we can work on this…


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