Hello I am Ekta. I head WonkyWorks, a small independent GlassArt Studio, having an eclectic collection of Awesomely Handmade Glass Art including upcycled glass products, blown glass, kiln-formed glass, etched and engraved glass. . Hmmm let’s see how this started. So I… Read More

A tribute to all the very creative ideas popping into our heads after a few pints of beer ;)  An ode to the creative spark unleashed by alcohol. The Dimak ki Batti lamp is paying homage to all the sips of alcohol sparking… Read More

Hello Singularity

Are we just trapped bits of dust in the cosmic spiderweb? Little bits of matter floating around little bits of trees growing on little bits of mountains rising from little bits of land surrounded by little bits of ocean churning under little… Read More