Every day is Women’s Day at WonkyWorks

On International Women’s Day, it’s great to reflect on our basic principle. Compassion for all Women, All People, The Earth and all Living Beings. At WonkyWorks we strive to create a safe and uplifting environment for all our awesome females. From providing flexible hours to providing healthcare benefits and 2 Saturdays off (we don’t want more!)

We hope to continue our service to Women and the Environment for the future and hope to be inclusive of more waste materials other than glass in the coming year. Stay tuned to see some awesome up-cycled plastic products coming to you soon.

The WonkyWorks Women
Everyday is women’s day at WonkyWorks. Made by Women. Made for the Environment.

Running Away





To run away has many reasons. To hide. To forget. To leave behind. But also to move towards something. Aspirations. Dreams. An Utopia in your imagination. Or maybe it’s real somewhere, maybe if I look in the right place at the right time, I’ll find what I’m almost not sure I’m looking for. Something which guides my wings and rudders my boat.

Why is running away such a taboo in our society ? What possible reason could an experience, which wakes us out off the numbing effect of normalcy and throws us into the ice-cold waters of living in the moment, be so unimportant and insignificant in the lives of people today.  Don’t we owe the shape of modern humans to mass migrations from Africa and then through the Americas? Don’t we owe the industrial age to world exploration?

As a self proclaimed wandering artist, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on running away. I run away from my responsibilities and my life every other month. I throw caution to the wind and leave home by any means possible. Road, Air or Train. I find it a steep learning curve in the school of life. All these places where people are so different, the scenery changes and the daily customs of life differ drastically.

So I dedicate this year to my ‘running away’ gene, and pledge to spend at least 6 months of the year out of my hometown and my comfort zone. Happy wanderings people :)


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