The very Upcycled Wonky Studio

It was 2015 and we realised that we can use scrap for construction, architecture and interior design. A very leaky roof that needed replacing finally pushed us to doing something we were only dreaming off.†

We got a truck full of scrap heavy-duty metal racks and old doors and windows, dismantled the old roof and #upcycled the entire first floor of The Wonky Studio. Apart from the new roof and the electricals, the entire floor, the walls and staircases are made from junk.

Now in 2019 we can definitely say that it’s been an inspiration unlike any other to work in this #awesomelyupcycled space day in and day out. The Wonky Studio continues to evolve and grow and never ceases to inspire and amuse us.
Call us to come see the space and talk anything #upcycling
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Published by WonkyWorks

WonkyWorks is an independent and Green GlassArt and Design Studio, one of the first in India, creating Upcycled Glassware, Sustainable Interior Design, Vintage + Upcycled Furniture, Art, Architectural Elements, and Specialty Tutoring.

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