New Year New Resolutions

Jane Austen once wrote in a correspondence, about creativity and selling out… “No, I must keep to my own style and go on in my own way; and though I may never succeed again in that, I am convinced that I should totally fail in any other.” . It is serendipitous how we so oftenContinue reading “New Year New Resolutions”

The story of my life.

Here I sit, early on a Sunday morning, waiting for the man to finish reinforcing the heating elements of my new furnace. The coils sagged after the first firing and need to be supported before I can start melting glass in it. The fact that there are words like furnaces and coils and heating elementsContinue reading “The story of my life.”

Dear fellow Earthperson…

. . Today, a day before Earth Day, a day celebrated globally to demonstrate support for environmental protection,  we pledge… . – to do more thinking for the good of our planet and less for our personal benefit – upcycle as many as 20000 glass bottles in the following year saving energy and spreading awarenessContinue reading “Dear fellow Earthperson…”