The story of my life.

ekta at the upcycled window wall at the WonkyStudioHere I sit, early on a Sunday morning, waiting for the man to finish reinforcing the heating elements of my new furnace. The coils sagged after the first firing and need to be supported before I can start melting glass in it. The fact that there are words like furnaces and coils and heating elements in my vocabulary gets me contemplating… Did I, 10 years ago, even fathom the possibility that I would be a glass artist and designer with rudimentary knowledge of heating furnaces and what nots. Thinking back, that was probably the time I was working in advertising as a lowly minion, which in retrospect is the biggest contributor to the path of anti consumerism which I am on now… Which was in turn followed by becoming environmentally conscious. Working in advertising was amazing for me. I think it put into perspective the principles and ethics I would want to follow in my life, by not having any.

The wholesomeness of creativity I feel is only truly rewarding when paired with good solid principles of doing good work while taking into consideration how a work is made and how its sold; how you treat the people who work for you, how you treat the environment… Because isn’t every step a part of the end? Isn’t it essential to think that the integrity of the work you do makes you the person you are, making the world what you want it to be. Is this not then the essence of freedom perchance? The right to decide what is right for you, without interference from the diktats of society and the pressures of the world?

founder, WonkyWorks

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WonkyWorks is an independent and Green GlassArt and Design Studio, one of the first in India, creating Upcycled Glassware, Sustainable Interior Design, Vintage + Upcycled Furniture, Art, Architectural Elements, and Specialty Tutoring.

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