Fort Office

It’s been great to spend some time in Fort. After 6 months of working in Navi Mumbai, town is a very pleasant change. Especially cutting travel time by a fifth.

WonkyWorks @ India Today!! Hot stops for

WonkyWorks @ India Today!! Hot stops for the coolest buys in town : Simply Gujarati

We’ve been at the Kingfisher Bazaar, Powai :)

And we have been! . . . We’re gonna be there at the Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar, hope to catch you. . .

things i could do with 50000 rupees:

– buy a fully loaded ipad – or a motorbike – or 1/2 a tata nano. – a good laptop – or a good dslr. – splurge on a years supply of cinema tickets and snacky snacks – buy uncountable alcoholic drinks – between 1200 to 1500 kgs of onions – 1/2 a cng rickshaw …