A tribute to all the very creative ideas popping into our heads after a few pints of beer ;)  An ode to the creative spark unleashed by alcohol. The Dimak ki Batti lamp is paying homage to all the sips of alcohol sparking… Read More

Kick starting the Gallery…

6 artists and many more to come… Awesomely Handcrafted Art and Crafts at the Wonky Gallery. Come chill out from the crazy heat and check out some cool stuff. We got lemonade in upcycled beer pints, munchies and popsicles… . . WonkyWorks,… Read More

“Grow Me’

Something for your plants. Or maybe your flowers. Something to brighten up a grey day. Or a grey mood. Something for your hallway. Or your kitchen maybe. Something in your bathroom or in that tiny bit of empty space on the living… Read More