Another stall under the belt.

There is some mysterious lure in direct selling ones work. Inspite of the overwhelming odds against being happy with what you have sold ( if you sell nothing, atleast one thing should have sold. If you sell to one person, why aren’t others interested. If you sell half your work, why didn’t I sell more….) …


Ladder Display at the gallert

Glow Flow

  UV light and upcycled bottles filled with glowy ink…

Painted Bottle Light

A warm glow for your room in the frosty winter days….

Something for your plants. Or maybe your flowers.  Something to brighten up a grey day. Or a grey mood. Something for your hallway. Or your kitchen maybe. Something in your bathroom or in that tiny bit of empty space on the living room wall… ‘Not just a Planter’ is great for small spaces and big. …

We’re loving it :)

  Our brand new Gallery with our brand new Mesh Lamp. Now, this is what I call Mood Lighting!! Come by anyday between 4 & 7pm starting 6th October

Good Morning!

A nice and sunny morning for nice and sunny vase and flowers. brought to you by WonkyWorks :)

Recycled (part II).

We hate the garbage man!