. . Today, a day before Earth Day, a day celebrated globally to demonstrate support for environmental protection,  we pledge… . – to do more thinking for the good of our planet and less for our personal benefit – upcycle as many… Read More

Hello I am Ekta. I head WonkyWorks, a small independent GlassArt Studio, having an eclectic collection of Awesomely Handmade Glass Art including upcycled glass products, blown glass, kiln-formed glass, etched and engraved glass. . Hmmm let’s see how this started. So I… Read More

Featured Artist: Nehal Rachh

I met Nehal amid the curious wonderland of her studio. I kinda got lost in the shelves full of pottery. Vases and kettles, tea bowls and plates. Works in progress and figments of imagination fighting for shelf space! What a wonderful place!… Read More