Every day is Women’s Day at WonkyWorks

On International Women’s Day, it’s great to reflect on our basic principle. Compassion for all Women, All People, The Earth and all Living Beings. At WonkyWorks we strive to create a safe and uplifting environment for all our awesome females. From providing flexible hours to providing healthcare benefits and 2 Saturdays off (we don’t want more!)

We hope to continue our service to Women and the Environment for the future and hope to be inclusive of more waste materials other than glass in the coming year. Stay tuned to see some awesome up-cycled plastic products coming to you soon.

The WonkyWorks Women
Everyday is women’s day at WonkyWorks. Made by Women. Made for the Environment.

Mini Bottle Knobs

These cute lil knobs are great for drawers, windows and small cuppboards. Move over brass, we have something way greener. The Mini Bottle Knob is kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius, is fade-proof and washable and ready to use. Go green now and flaunt your lack of carbon footprint!

Up for grabs in Amber and Frosted. And very soon in a whole range of.colours…
PS: All WonkyWorks upcycled products are made from actual waste glass bottles. Each piece is slightly different depending on the waste material available. Support us by buying an environmental-conscience product :) and remember to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE

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Chennai Event: Meet The Maker: Ekta Doctor, WonkyWorks, Vadodara

By Hand from the Heart

Today on the blog, we feature fused glass artist Ekta Doctor of WonkyWorks, Vadodara. She shares in detail about her venture, workspace, projects and Wonky Works showcase at our event in Chennai – By Hand From The Heart Makers Market.

Me and my space Ekta Doctor & her workspace

Tell us a bit about yourself. What inspired you to start your business?

Hello!  I am Ekta. I head WonkyWorks, a small, independent, Glass Art and Upcycling Studio that has an eclectic collection of upcycled glass products.  Each handmade piece is created with the utmost care and artistic discretion tapping into years of Glass Art experience.  All our pieces are made using techniques, colors and materials that are permanently fired, etched or fused into the glass at high temperatures, making them peel-free, fade proof, food-safe, and lasting, using best known techniques from across the globe.

Be green not mean.jpg Be green, not mean!

Hmmm, let’s see how this started…

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