‘Collection Venezia’

Inspired by Venice, these original artworks have been created keeping the essence of Venezia in mind. The Hand Painted Pieces are all uniquely different. No one piece is the same as another.

All these pieces are made using Kiln-Forming Techniques.

Please enjoy the show…

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We’re Here!! :)

Hello people, we’re finally online. For those who don’t know too much about us, a little introduction…

We are this place ummm thing umm, we are basically about creativity. creating it, transforming it, showing it off, anything really.
And this is what we like to say about ourselves…

“We love the glitchy, the skewed, the fuddled and the precarious. In the age of factory-manufactured perfectness, we celebrate the odd fish; the curious and funny, the peculiar and queer. Our war against the mundane and routine has led us to form WonkyWorks, created to fight organised sameness.”

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