Upcycled Jewellery

Our range of Upcycled Glass Jewellery is made from waste glass and found objects.

We can make a sustainable choice in every step of our life so why not with our Jewellery. Have a look at our range of earrings, lockets, hand bands and bangles.

Little World Collection

The Journey of this amazing ‘Little World Collection’ started on the grubby streets of the Shukrawari (The quintessential Friday Chor Bazaar of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Legend has it that this market started at the time of thrones and kings in the 1700’s. Most people living in Vadodara at present can remember visiting or hearing about it since at least 60 years.) What started as a trunk-full of scrap watch glasses, dusty and tainted, has been converted to these beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery and memorabilia by our amazing up-cycling talents.

Each piece from the collection contains a piece of fused Upcycled Watch Glass with Brass or Sterling Silver work around it. The fused glass is made from 2 sheets of Watch Glass with various colours of glass enamels sandwiched between. The glasses are the fused slowly in our furnace at 650°C and what we get is each uniquely different piece of fused glass Art. All the impurities that were on the glass in combination with the enamels produce minute bubbles and designs and no piece is the same

Little World Locket

Little World Earring

Word Locket

Little World Bangle

Wonky Bottle Jewellery

Since time immemorial humans have wanted to adorn themselves. With flowers and bones, metal and glass, stones and threads.

WonkyWorks presents the very cute, the very green and the very upcycled Wonky Bottle Locket. Made from medical waste bottles and melted in the furnace at 700°Celsius, these upcycled Lockets are awesome.

Wonky Bottle Earring

Wonky Bottle Locket

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