what we do…

  • WonkyGallery
    an Art Space which we can fill with quirky works which get the brain juices flowing.
    sculptures, graffiti, tattoos, paintings, food, furniture, photography, media…
    crazy ideas meet infinite possibilities.
  • Glassblowing
    it involves inflating the molten glass into a bubble, with a blowpipe. As a technique created in the middle of the last century BCE, glassblowing exploits a working property of glass, inflation, which refers to the expansion of a molten blob of glass by introducing a small amount of air to it. This property is based on the liquid structure of glass where molten glass is viscous enough to be blown and gradually hardens as it loses heat. It’s basically extremely skillful and dangerous and great for our adrenalin rush for the day.
  • Glass Art
    this is how it all started, the wonkiness. let the pictures speak more than the words.
  • Illumination
    let there be Light. We say, let there be only WonkyLights :)
  • Workshops
    We conduct workshops in Kiln-Formed Glass, Bottle Slumping, Etching and Sandblasting techniques. Please call or mail for your customised workshop plan.
  • Installations
    Creating craziness for anyone in any space.
  • Spaces
    We turned a godown into a gallery and kitchen. In a month. On a non-existent budget. Using Waste..

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