things i could do with 50000 rupees:

– buy a fully loaded ipad
– or a motorbike
– or 1/2 a tata nano.
– a good laptop
– or a good dslr.
– splurge on a years supply of cinema tickets and snacky snacks
– buy uncountable alcoholic drinks
– between 1200 to 1500 kgs of onions
– 1/2 a cng rickshaw
– 24.5 gms of gold
– internet supply for – years
– invest in a fun new fabulous company, wonkyworks
– 2 years salary for domestic help in some parts of the country
– 10000 empty beer bottles in a dry state to melt and make into art
– 1 second of a corrupt person’s time.  make that a split second and i’m talking scams not ur average traffic havaldar
– send 8 children to school for a year to save them from child labour
– a square-foot of property somewhere in south mumbai. maybe?
– 8 pairs of ray-bans

Published by WonkyWorks

WonkyWorks is an independent and Green GlassArt and Design Studio, one of the first in India, creating Upcycled Glassware, Sustainable Interior Design, Vintage + Upcycled Furniture, Art, Architectural Elements, and Specialty Tutoring.

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