Road trip Mumbai Vadodara

Can you own the road?













Yes you can :)













































The maze…








What more can a girl want?
The road from Mumbai to Vadodara is pretty good. Actually its awesome, as soon as you get out of Mumbai ;)
This is the second trip I’ve made, riding over the smooth tarmac, just enough traffic to keep things interesting, nice cloud cover, and good music. Goo (RE Classic 500) takes to the road once we reach the speed of 80. After that the road just feels like the only place to be. The wind on your face, occasional bugs too tho ;), the crisp morning seeping into you, awakening whatever part of you it is where your inner child lives. Things you want, what you don’t have, people, the world… everything disappears. All that exists is me and goo, gliding through space, moving, riding, escaping…
… until the next fix :)

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