Studio Scouting: Alibag – Kashid

So it was the first weekend of the last month of the year and we (me and goo) were desperate to finish our weekend getaway quota of the year :)

Left Sanpada at 4pm-ish, took the Uran road from Kalamboli to panvel, it’s better cuz almost no traffic, on the way back took the road leading directly from Uran Road to CBD, which was great, again less traffic.

The traffic started as soon as we turned into the Kanyakumari Panvel road vis-a-vis the Mumbai Goa Road (as per google maps obviously). the roads are crowded, with more expansion construction happening on very side. We had to go off the road numerous times to crawl past many a traffic jams. Reached Alibag at 6ish, went to the first beach I could find by following the sunset. Alibag I found to be too crowded and towny and pricy. After an hour of aimlessly riding around what I think was the whole of Alibag, finally managed to find accommodation. Had the yummiest fish I have every eaten (started eating seafood a few months before) which thinking back was a rava fried baby pomfret.

The next morning was juggling between going to Mahabeleshwar, to Kashid / Murud or staying put in Alibag. Decided to head to Kashid (good call btw). This ride was much much better. It was getting hot and I was getting thirsty and stopped at a beach with hundreds of hammocks :) Awesomeness. This was actually Kashid Beach. Kashid comprising of a really long stretch on kinda unspoilt beach, a village attached, hordes of private sea-facing bungalows, and the State Highway running through, oh and also the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. Nice place, quiet, boring (for some), perfect.

May the photos speak for themselves…

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