What will you do today?



Everything we experience,
Everything that we are experiencing right now,
What we have experienced in the past and what we will in the future,
Will lead us to our destiny.
We can choose what to follow or not,
What to believe or not,
What to feel or not.
And it is our experience, every day, every moment, which chooses for us.

We believe that surrounding ourselves with certain kind of objects and experiences
Helps us to become what we are and what we want for ourselves.
By cultivating our thoughts and beliefs is one of the few ways we can become a better person,
Which will result in a slow change to internal peace and harmony,
Resulting in an ever expanding bubble of righteousness and goodwill.




WonkyGallery now open Sundays 2pm to 7pm.

2 Shreyas Society, Race Course Circle, Vadodara




Published by WonkyWorks

WonkyWorks is an independent and Green GlassArt and Design Studio, one of the first in India, creating Upcycled Glassware, Sustainable Interior Design, Vintage + Upcycled Furniture, Art, Architectural Elements, and Specialty Tutoring.

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