Running Away





To run away has many reasons. To hide. To forget. To leave behind. But also to move towards something. Aspirations. Dreams. An Utopia in your imagination. Or maybe it’s real somewhere, maybe if I look in the right place at the right time, I’ll find what I’m almost not sure I’m looking for. Something which guides my wings and rudders my boat.

Why is running away such a taboo in our society ? What possible reason could an experience, which wakes us out off the numbing effect of normalcy and throws us into the ice-cold waters of living in the moment, be so unimportant and insignificant in the lives of people today.  Don’t we owe the shape of modern humans to mass migrations from Africa and then through the Americas? Don’t we owe the industrial age to world exploration?

As a self proclaimed wandering artist, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on running away. I run away from my responsibilities and my life every other month. I throw caution to the wind and leave home by any means possible. Road, Air or Train. I find it a steep learning curve in the school of life. All these places where people are so different, the scenery changes and the daily customs of life differ drastically.

So I dedicate this year to my ‘running away’ gene, and pledge to spend at least 6 months of the year out of my hometown and my comfort zone. Happy wanderings people :)


the carriage…

The Goo Diaries


The wind in your hair. Your home in a bag. A vague destination. Random glasses of sugarcane juice for your parched throat, and steaming mugs of ginger-lemon for those chilly mornings. Multiple directions from different well-wishers duelling with glances of the tattered map. Every cup of tea delicious and as different as the person making it and the shack its drunk at. The perfect soundtrack randomly played.  The sweet sleep of a long days’ ride after a nice shower and a full tummy. The quiet cigarette enjoyed in a multitude of places, just me, Goo and the vistas before me…
The companions met and lost, each on their own journey leaving you with something unique. Why do you ride solo people ask me… what other way is there I think to myself… while making excuses they might understand. Because, in the world we live in, one doesn’t travel solo. One doesn’t enjoy their own company even though you have the mountains and the streams and the skies with you. Even though you have the passing cows and the playful squirrels and the soaring kites with you. The rivers to listen to and the mountains to get lost in. And the simple joy in riding an amazing machine on a well paved road… This is my humble attempt to try to document my travel experiences with Goo, to try and put into words and photos and sketches the amazing feeling that is ‘on the move’ …
– The Wandering Artist